I finished drafting my first ever book.  Actually, I started it about 13 years ago when Olivia was first born….and I just finished it today.  It’s a children’s book about colors….

What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment….!

…..which immediately turned into feelings of inadequacy as questions like “what else have I never finished?”

Begs the question….”Am I one of those people who loves starting things and leaving it unfinished?”

Now that I think about it….I have unfinished paintings, unfinished piles of laundry (my husband has resorted to buying new pairs of socks), an unfinished basement, unfinished poems,  even unfinished sections of my garden (that weeds have taken control of!)….

Begs the question…..”Why do I leave certain things unfinished?”

Now that I think about it…I always seem to run out time, run out of energy, run out of money, or worst of all….run out of interest.

I know I am not alone in this.  I hear people all the time saying that the weekend was too short or their vacation ended too soon or that the bathroom is half painted….

Then I hear this little voice in my head that says “Well, you did finish your book!  It only took 13 years but hey! It’s done…! ”

That is true….so what if I don’t finish things…it’s not the end of the world.  I guess I do finish the important stuff….like medication or antibiotics…!

Anyway,  I’m going to go get ice cream…THAT I know I will finish!

Have a good week, everyone!

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